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Top Korea Wallpaper Designs Rhapsody II (8736-1)

RM7.00 RM14.00 Per Sqft

Wallpapers can make your visitors looks surprisingly! Our Top Korea Wallpaper Designs has the 3D visual treat for your rooms.


Width 106cm x Length 15.6m/Roll




Discover Top Korea Wallpaper Designs by Infinity Interiors Specialist has the widest range of unique wallpapers collections in Malaysia having more than 50,000 Designs to choose with 95% stock availability.

Instruction of Hanging Wallpaper

Surface Preparation

Make sure that the walls are smooth, solid and dry. Remove all old wallpaper, water paint or whitewash and especially any traces of ballpoint ink, aniline pencil or crayon marks. Fill up holes and smooth down.

Cutting of Lengths

Cut the sheets to size: height of wall+ 5cms. This oversize will cover any differences caused by slanting floors or ceilings. When patterned designs are used, make sure that the design matches correctly, only cut the second and following lengths, after they have been put “in register” besides the sheets already cut.


Only use a good quality paste following manufacturer’s instructions.

Soaking time: about 5 minutes.


Apply wallpaper, but joint, using a soft smoothing brush or roller. Do not use a seam roller. Remove the surplus paste by dabbing with a damp sponge or cloth. Avoid excessive heat or draughts while the paper is drying.